A Collection

And what a collection. Sigga Dóra collects paintings, drawings and prints by artists that in many cases are known for other art forms, such as musicians and performers. The collection includes various Stórval pieces, a painting by Megas (the Icelandic Bob Dylan), a very early drawing of musician, performer and fine artist Ragnar Kjartansson, a drawing by writer Hallgrímur Helgason and many more. Her guestbook is also a must see and undoubtably qualifies as a part of the collection, signed by many of Iceland’s most renowned artists and actors including Sigurrós (and us!).

Features work by (in order of appearance) Erro, Exposito from Cuba, Berklezi from Belgium, Alfredo Sosabravo from Cuba, Stórval Stefán V. Jónsson, Sjöfn, Ragnar Kjartansson/Rassi Prump, Erro, Jón Stefánsson from Möðrudalur (father of Stórval), Stórval, Lýður Sigurðsson, Hallgrímur Helgason, Thompson (origin unknown) and finally two pieces by Stórval.
Thanks to Sigga Dóra, cultur entrepreneur, art collector and an incredibly generous host