The curious case of

Features the future of Vopnafjörður, the children at Brekkubær Kindergarten
More about Brekkubær

Bergljót’s three children

Hallgrímur Helgason grew up at farm Þorbrandsstaðir, where in early 1900 three siblings drowned in an icy pond. As a young man Hallgrímur met Bergljót, the mother of the three children, and remebers her as a dignified and compassionate lady. In 1940 renowned Icelandic writer Gunnar Gunnarsson wrote about the occurrence in his book Heiðarharmur. The people in Vopnafjörður found it hard to accept how freely Gunnarsson treated the facts about this tragic event.


The fish meal factory acts as the mechanical heart of Vopnafjörður and along with the fish processing plant it offers employment for a big part of the community. In goes fish, out comes fish meal and precious Lýsi (fish oil).

Features Jón Sigurðarson, shift manager at HB Grandi

“This waterfall has no name, because here nothing has happened”

Quote by Ágústa Þorkelsdóttir, storyteller and host at Kaupvangskaffi

Coming to your aid

Vopni is the Vopnafjörður voluntary rescue team. They came to save this quad bike directly from a previous mission of pushing a broken ship towards the dock.

Features Svenni, Jón and other members of the Vopni Rescue Team (and a few spectators)


Over a hundred years ago, the lights in Vopnafjörður Church were purchased way over budget.

Features Ólafur Valgeirsson, chair of the board of Vopnafjörður Church

Dreams of the generations

A dream had been passed on between generations for decades and now, the Refsstaður farm is self sustainable with electricity. On a windy winter day Ágústa Þorkelsdóttir tells us about the damn that keeps her family home warm and bright.

Features Ágústa Þorkelsdóttir, storyteller and host at Kaupvangskaffi

“Music education equips our young for the future”

Quote by a father in Vopnafjörður

The beach

Sandvík is a complex ever-changing character which makes a great beach walk.

White Darkness

Winter is unpredictable. The nights are long and dark, the day is short. And even that short day can be dark of whiteness. The experience of passing a mountain road in such conditions is unforgettable.

Features Jóhann Einarsson from Bustarfell, the saviour
Make sure to check before crossing a mountain pass,
and don’t forget to run through before starting the journey.

A Collection

And what a collection. Sigga Dóra collects paintings, drawings and prints by artists that in many cases are known for other art forms, such as musicians and performers. The collection includes various Stórval pieces, a painting by Megas (the Icelandic Bob Dylan), a very early drawing of musician, performer and fine artist Ragnar Kjartansson, a drawing by writer Hallgrímur Helgason and many more. Her guestbook is also a must see and undoubtably qualifies as a part of the collection, signed by many of Iceland’s most renowned artists and actors including Sigurrós (and us!).

Features work by (in order of appearance) Erro, Exposito from Cuba, Berklezi from Belgium, Alfredo Sosabravo from Cuba, Stórval Stefán V. Jónsson, Sjöfn, Ragnar Kjartansson/Rassi Prump, Erro, Jón Stefánsson from Möðrudalur (father of Stórval), Stórval, Lýður Sigurðsson, Hallgrímur Helgason, Thompson (origin unknown) and finally two pieces by Stórval.
Thanks to Sigga Dóra, cultur entrepreneur, art collector and an incredibly generous host

A day and a night

Vopnafjörður moments

  • Netting needles
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  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-6
  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-5
  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-3
  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-4
  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-2
  • The weekly photo archiving meeting of seniors, the photo archive has reached 10.000 images
  • Glamour-TheCuriousCase-Vopnafjordur-15
Photo essay published in Disegno Magazine, Issue 4, April 2013.
Features, amongst other, work by Hallgrímur Helgason, children in Vopnafjörður and Jón Sigurðarson holding Prik by Brynjar Sigurðarson.

Prik / Sticks (Coming Soon)

  • Brynjar.Still007
  • Brynjar.Still006
  • Brynjar.Still005
  • Brynjar.Still004
  • Brynjar.Still003
  • Brynjar.Still002
  • Brynjar.Still001
  • Brynjar.Still016
  • Brynjar.Still015
  • Brynjar.Still014
  • Brynjar.Still013
  • Brynjar.Still011
  • Brynjar.Still010
  • Brynjar.Still009
  • Brynjar.Still008

In 2009 Reykjavík born designer Brynjar Sigurðarson travelled across Iceland in search for inspiration and a new environment, he ended up in Vopnafjörður. Four years later Brynjar returns with the Vopnafjörður inspired sticks. Brynjar is back, the sticks have returned home and the project has reached a full circle. Although, the journey is nowhere close to an end, and as Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir at Spark Design Space puts it: “One could say that Brynjar has truly become a traveler and an explorer and now he holds a beautiful stick to complete that image.”

Features Brynjar Sigurðarson and local people in Vopnafjörður
Film commissioned by Spark Design Space
Exhibited by Aurora Design Fund at Design March 2013 in Reykjavík
More about Prik
The film will be released for public viewing in 2013

The ocean

And after getting sprayed by the ice cold surf the pylsa from Ollasjoppa was tastier than ever before.

Christmas is coming

No less than christmas itself, the period of advent is a holistic time of sharing and nurture in the darkest days of winter.

Features the Vopnafjörður Male Choir conducted by Stephen Yates in Hofskirkja Church